Complex chemistry solutions

Ph. D. chemists develop new chemical pathways and scale for commercialization.

Saving lives

Our key intermediates and APIs make some of life’s most precious moments possible.

Flavors & Fragrances that pop

Apiscent Labs heightens flavors and fragrances with fine aroma chemicals.

Reliability and growth

FDA inspected facilities have produced consistent supplies for more than 30 years.


Apiscent Labs does chemistry

Flavor & Fragrance

We offer a continuum of services


Years of experience make Apiscent Labs good


Join Apiscent Labs

Apiscent Labs is a new name in chemical manufacturing. Our team has experience with the large companies in global pharmaceuticals and flavors and fragrances.

We bring a passion for excellence to every project and a commitment that makes Apiscent Labs stand out. At Apiscent Labs chemistry is innovation that improves products and even saves lives. It’s creativity that envisions smarter, more efficient strategies to solve complex chemistry problems.

Apiscent Labs is a supplier of chemical ingredients, supplying pharmaceutical and flavor and fragrance companies. We look forward to getting to know you.

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